Selecting the right TENS machine

Choose your TENS machine, based on your primary therapy need.

All ActivLife TENS machines are backed by 45 years of physiotherapy research and they come with personalized, Australian-based, customer service and product support.

Accreditation, testimonials and recommendations

ActivLife TENS units are micro-sized medical devices, listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

"I can never thank you and the team enough; the TENS machine is quite literally the best present I have ever received; it is instantly relieving my pain and I don't think I will EVER take it off; thank you to the moon and back"... Sarah C. JULY 2016

The original TENS machine inventors

We designed and made our first TENS unit in 1971; and have been in continuous production ever since.

We help and support our customers with

We make tiny, wearable, long-lasting, Australian-made TENS machines

  • Only our TENS devices are Australian made and have a 24 month warranty
  • Each micro control unit is feather-weight at 25gm and easily fits into a pocket or clothing, for your convenience and maximum mobility
  • An ActivLife TENS machine is made to last - up to 8 hours without turning OFF; up to 24 hours of usage time before the battery needs recharging; between 3 and 6 years before the battery needs replacing

Further TENS information

For your own sake, please be very careful when considering cheap TENS products.