ActivLife TENS machine range

Our state-of-art TENS machines have been designed to be as small and light as possible, so you can maintain full mobility during the day, and/or sleep comfortably during the night. They are are also extremely easy to operate.

Following medical diagnosis, we recommend that you choose a TENS machine based on your most pressing need. If in doubt please phone us for advice - 1800 675 571.

  • ActivBody is designed for chronic pain, nerve pain, joint and soft tissue pain, improved circulation and relaxation; It has excellent benefits for long distance air travel - $235.00

Osteoarthritis - Back pain - Sciatica - Shoulder pain - Nerve pain - Neck pain - Knee pain - other chronic pain

  • SportsMed is for soft tissue pain relief and repair following acute or repetitive strain injury; also for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening. It is also great after surgery to help with pain, stress and repair - $260.00

Acute injury - Repetitive strain injury - Surgery - Muscle weakness

  • InControl is for pelvic floor muscle strengthening - say NO to incontinence by strengthening all the muscles of the pelvic floor; and rediscover your active life - $260.00

Stress incontinence - urge incontinence - light bladder leakage - core strength - performance and satisfaction

  • ActivNatal is for pregnancy, labour and after childbirth - offering general pain relief, labour pain relief and exercise mode to regain muscle tone; HIRE - $70.00, or BUY - $260.00

ActivNatal can also be used by the whole family for general pain relief without drugs.

  • EllaEase is for various menstrual concerns - period pain, abdominal cramps and premenstrual tension - $240.00

With medical approval / supervision, EllaEase may be used for Endometriosis pain - $260.00 with pelvic floor pads.

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Australian made and ARTG listed

  • ActivLife is the ONLY Australian Made TENS machine

  • Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods #174871, #175359

Effective and powerful

  • Programs based on clinical research and reflecting the latest medical knowledge

  • Modulating and mixed frequency signals means pain relief is available for the long term, with no risk of losing effectiveness

  • Powerful - from 2 volts to 60 volts, and 30 different intensity settings

Convenient and comfortable

  • Functions have been designed to feel good, as well as to deliver maximum effectiveness

  • Micro units are tiny - thumb size and weighing only 25gm

  • Wearable - in pocket / clothing / lanyard / waist belt pouch

Long lasting

  • Up to 8 hours continuous use

  • Rechargeable - plug into mains power, worldwide

  • Up to 24 hours battery life between recharges

  • Up to 6 years before the battery replacement

  • 24 month warranty

  • Product repair service - economical, friendly, fast

Easy to use

  • Accurate, programmed functions; only 2 button controls

  • Simple instructions, photos and treatment guide

  • Phone advice when and if you need it

  • Suitable for airline travel and long distance driving; reduces stiffness and fluid retention, helps you to relax

  • May be worn overnight, while working all day, or while playing sport

  • Can be applied or supervised by a carer