Discontinued lines - Accessories and repairs

New Product Equivalents

Discontinued lines are still supported

In 2011 Bio Electronics was renamed ActivLife Technologies. Under the Bio Electronics name we manufactured brands such as BioStim and EziStim, and products such as:

  • PainEze plus
  • PainEze xtra
  • PainEze xtra R
  • BackEze
  • Analgesic
  • SportsMed R
  • SportsMed Clinical - Athlete Recovery

ActivLife still supports these brands with accessories and repairs.


If you own one of these discontinued machines and would like to buy accessories - no problems. All the pads and leads are still available.


If your product needs repair - and it is less than 10 years old - we will be happy to service it. Postal address: PO Box 568 Woodend, VIC 3442

New product equivalents

ActivBody is the replacement for PainEze plus, PainEze xtra, PainEze extra R, BackEze and Analgesic. It is for the relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain, nerve pain, and muscle tension. It also improves circulation and promotes a feeling of well-being and general relaxation.
SportsMed is the replacement for SportsMed R. It is for acute pain related to injury or surgery, for healing and repair of soft tissue injury and for rehabilitating wasted or atrophied muscle.
SportsMed PRO is the replacement for SportsMed Clinical - Athlete Recovery. It is for clinical use by medical professionals or may also be used by elite or professional athletes and sportsmen and women.
InControl has been redesigned but is still marketed under the same name. It is for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, both voluntary and involuntary, to treat and prevent the major cause of incontinence in both men and women.

Machine replacement

If you need to replace your TENS machine or recommend the equivalent to family or friends then here is our current product range: