What TENS feels like

People use various expressions to describe the sensation of their first experience of TENS therapy; e.g.:

  • Tingling
  • Comfortable pins and needles
  • Massage
  • Pulsing

Intensity setting is entirely your choice. However, the sensation should never be painful, and when using a continuous mode (for pain relief) your muscles should not twitch or contract.

Getting started - micro units


  • Place both electrodes on a test location of your body - somewhere easy to reach
  • Plug the two metal pins of the connecting lead into the two electrodes
  • Connect the plug of the connecting lead to the output socket of the control unit - make sure it goes in all the way

ON and up; down and OFF

  • To turn the control unit ON, press down on the + (plus sign) button; a light will come on
  • Carefully increase the intensity of the signal by continuing to press down on the same button - do not hold it down but make discrete, individual presses
  • Each press increases the intensity by 2 volts
  • To decrease the intensity, press the - (minus sign) button; each press decreases the intensity by 2 vol;ts
  • To turn the unit OFF, hold down the minus button for 5 seconds; leave for a few seconds; when the light stops blinking the unit is turned OFF

To select a different therapy mode

With the unit turned ON:

  • Hold down the minus button with the thumb of your right hand
  • Press the plus button to change to the next mode
  • Press again to change to the next mode
  • Press a third time to return to the original mode
  • Once on the mode of choice, increase and decrease, as above

When you are ready to commence therapy

  • Ensure the unit is turned OFF
  • Re-position the electrodes to the relevant part of your body
  • Turn the unit ON and up one setting
  • Select your mode of choice
  • Increase the intensity to a comfortable level
  • Leave for the desired time
  • Turn the unit OFF

If you are moving the electrodes

  • Turn the unit OFF
  • Move the electrodes
  • Turn the ON and up to the desired intensity