Pregnancy pain

During your pregnancy you might be glowing with good health one minute - and suffering from low back pain or aching legs the next.

If you have decided to minimize your use of pharmaceuticals during this time, you will be interested in a means of relieving pain without drugs. ActivNatal can lend a hand during pregnancy as well.

ActivNatal RELIEVE mode

RELIEVE mode offers a TENS stimulus combining pain gating (fast pain relief) and beta-endorphin release (longer lasting pain relief).

You may use RELIEVE mode during a healthy pregnancy, so long as the electrodes are located in any of the following locations:

  • Upper, middle or lower back
  • Neck or shoulders
  • Leg muscles, knees, hips, ankles or feet
  • Arm muscles, elbows, wrists or hands

RELIEVE mode may also be used to help you relax or sleep - use a low intensity for this purpose.

Pad placement - pregnancy pain

pregnancy electrode placement
pregnancy electrode placement
pregnancy electrode placement
ActivNatal Labour TENS and EMS
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