Looking after your Control Unit

Our new circuit boards have been coated to minimise corrosion. However, we are not responsible for poorly maintained control units. This is how too look after your device:

  • Do not wear the control unit close to your skin in hot weather or if you are exercising
  • When not in use, keep your control unit in a dry environment
  • Please do not put the control unit into the same plastic bag as the electrodes

Taking care of Electrodes

  • Store electrodes between 5ºC and 27ºC
  • Read instructions on the electrode packet
  • After use, place the pads back onto their plastic sheet and return to their plastic bag and close it
  • For reasons of hygiene, we advise that you do not share electrodes

Battery maintenance

  •  As a minimum, charge the battery for 2 hours every 3 months - even if not in use
  • The battery does not need to be flat before you recharge it
  • The battery does not need to be fully charged in order to use the device