Non-warranty services include battery replacement, inspection, minor repair and major repair

  • Please phone us before sending in your unit for service
  • We have found that many perceived problems can be resolved over the phone
  • When posting, please include:
    • your name
    • phone number
    • postal address
    • a description of the problem
  • Send your parcel to ActivLife Technologies, PO BOX 568 Woodend VIC 3442
  • We recommend parcel post with tracking or Express post
  • If your parcel is lost in the mail, ActivLife is not responsible
  • The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping

Battery replacement

Micro units have a rechargeable battery, soldered onto the circuit board. After 3-6 years it will probably need to be replaced. So just return the control unit to us, for expert attention.

The battery replacement cost is $35


If you return a product to us for potential repair, and there is no fault after all (i.e. machine does work), we charge for the inspection. Although no new components are required our technician spends time testing and investigating.

The inspection will cost $35

Minor repair

If a TENS unit outside of warranty is returned to us with a minor fault, we can detect the problem and replace non-performing components of the circuit board.

The cost for a minor repair is $75

Major repair

In the event of a serious fault with your TENS machine (e.g. corrosion), we are able to repair it by replacing the whole circuit board.

The cost to diagnose the problem, supply and insert a new circuit board is $135

Replacement control units

Starting at $155, we sell stand-alone control units. This can be a reasonably priced option:

  • If your unit is more than 10 years old
  • As an alternative to a major repair
  • To keep a spare unit for emergencies
  • Too add new functionality for a new Intended Purpose

Check you have the leads, pads and charger you need.

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