Non-warranty services include battery replacement, inspection, minor repair and major repair

  • Please phone us before sending in your unit for service
  • We have found that many perceived problems can be resolved over the phone
  • When posting, please include your name, phone number, postal address and a description of the problem
  • Send your parcel to ActivLife Technologies, PO BOX 568 Woodend VIC 3442

ActivBody quality TENS machine

Battery replacement

Micro units have a rechargeable battery, soldered onto the circuit board. After 3-6 years it will probably need to be replaced. So just return the control unit to us, for expert attention.

The battery replacement cost is $35.

NMS and EMS machine


If you return a product to us for potential repair, and there is no fault after all (i.e. machine does work), we charge only for the inspection.

The inspection will cost $35.

Labour TENS machine

Minor repair

If a TENS unit outside of warranty is returned to us with a minor fault, we can detect the problem and replace non-performing components of the circuit board.

The cost for a minor repair is $75.

Major repair

In the event of a serious fault with your TENS machine (e.g. corrosion), we are able to repair it by replacing the whole circuit board.

The cost to diagnose the problem, supply and insert a new circuit board is $135.

In all cases, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

For details about our warranty policy please read this information.