Increases in peripheral beta-endorphin concentration are associated with changes in pain perception and mood state.

Short term anaerobic exercise leads to an increase in beta-endorphin levels, when the anaerobic threshold has been exceeded or at the point of an over-proportionate increase in lactate. In endurance exercise performed at a steady-state between lactate production and elimination, blood beta-endorphin levels do not increase until exercise duration exceeds approximately 1 hour, with the increase being exponential thereafter.

The release of beta-endorphin by low frequency TENS therapy is similar to endurance exercise - duration needs to be approximately 1 hour, with more benefits accruing for longer applications.

ActivBody TENS therapy

Most people do not purchase ActivBody just for its relaxation function - although there is absolutely no reason why you cannot.

More typically, customers make a purchase to relieve chronic pain and then discover for themselves the relaxation properties of TENS therapy.

ActivBody is the physical therapy product we suggest for relaxation.

ActivBody electrotherapy can be used everyday - outside the clinic - for drug-free, on-demand relaxation.

  • RELAX mode
    • Lasting pain relief (modulated low frequency TENS for release of beta-endorphins)
    • Relaxation (modulated low frequency TENS for release of beta-endorphins)
    • Circulation (modulated low to medium frequency ECS; continuous, low intensity)

Pad placement - relaxation

relaxation electrode placement
relaxation electrode placement
relaxation electrode placement

ActivBody treatment guide

relaxation treatment guide

ActivBody TENS Kit
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