Rib injury

One of the potential complications of fracturing your ribs is a condition known as intercostal neuralgia. Basically this is compression of the intercostal nerve.

Generally, pressure is exerted on the nerve due to an effusion of blood into the intercostal muscles.

The intercostal muscles are several groups of muscles running between the ribs and helping to form and move the chest wall. They are critical to the mechanics of breathing.

Consequently, any damage to the intercostal muscles or nerve may result in pain, difficulty when breathing, weakness or lack of chest mobility.

SportsMed TENS therapy

After a diagnosis of intercostal neuralgia or muscle bruising your injury management plan should include treatment as often as possible.

SportsMed is the TENS, ECS and EMS machine we suggest to aid repair of a compressed intercostal nerve.

SportsMed electrotherapy can be used everyday - outside the clinic - for drug-free, on-demand pain relief. It is also designed and programmed to aid circulation, reduce inflammation, hasten healing and help with muscle strengthening.

  • RELIEVE mode:

    • Pain relief (modulated low and high frequency TENS; continuous, comfortable intensity)

    • Early stage injury treatment (modulated low to medium frequency ECS; continuous, low intensity)

  • RECOVERY mode - injury healing

    • Later stage injury treatment (modulated low to medium frequency EMS and ECS; surging, medium intensity)

  • EXERCISE mode - muscle strengthening

    • Rehabilitation stage (high frequency EMS; surging, medium to high intensity)

Pad placement - Intercostal neuralgia 

intercostal neuralgia electrode placement

SportsMed treatment guide

Purpose ModeIntensity TimeHow often
Pain relief RELIEVELow to medium Minimum 60 minutesOn demand
Muscle soreness RELIEVELow Several hoursDaily for 1 or 2 days
Scar tissue RELIEVELow Several hoursDaily as needed
Soft tissue healing RECOVERMedium 10 to 20 minutes3 times per day
Circulation RELIEVE or RECOVERLow 60 minutesas often as needed
Rehabilitation EXERCISEMedium 5 to 15 minutes3 times per day
Rehabilitation EXERCISEMedium to high 10 to 20 minutes3 times per day
On RELIEVE mode – muscles should not contract or twitch
On RECOVER mode – muscles should contract, mildly
On EXERCISE mode – muscles should contract, mildly or strongly – as required
SportsMed for intercostal neuralgia

SportsMed TENS, ECS and EMS
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