SportsMed intended purpose

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listing number #174871

SportsMed electrical stimulation may be applied to most parts of your musculoskeletal system, including your spine, joints, muscles and other soft tissues. It may be used to help with pain relief, soft tissue repair and rehabilitation of the following types of musculoskeletal injuries:

  • Bruising (contusion, haematoma)

  • Bursitis (inflammation of bursa)

  • Contracture (fasciitis)

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Dislocation (subluxation)

  • Fracture (with soft tissue damage)

  • Ligament sprain (over-stretch tear)

  • Muscle strain (tear)

  • Oedema (excess fluid, effusion)

  • Neuralgia (damaged nerve)

  • Painful stiffness (adhesive capsulitis)

  • Pinched nerve (nerve compression)

  • Tendonitis (inflammation of tendon)

  • Tendon strain (tear)

  • Tenosynovitis (peritendinitis, inflammation of the synovial sheath)

Modes of operation and electrode placement

  • RELIEVE - TENS at site of pain or same dermatome

  • RECOVER - ECS at site of injury

  • EXERCISE - EMS over muscle mass

Always use two pads to close the electrical circuit.

Pain relief - RELIEVE MODE

SportsMed offers sufferers of diagnosed injury a first option pain management therapy, using comfortable and effective frequencies of electrical nerve stimulation. Use the RELIEVE mode for a combination of pain gating effect and beta-endorphin release.

This mode can be used on demand - for as long and often as necessary.

Electrodes are placed over sensory nerves at the site of injury or on the same dermatome; muscles should not twitch or contract.

Injury repair - RELIEVE and RECOVER MODES

After diagnosis, an enhanced and more rapid healing process is brought about through the combined benefits of the RELIEVE and RECOVER modes to help achieve:

  • Release of pain and stress

  • Increased cellular activity; removal of excess fluid and waste material

  • Increased circulation of blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the injury site

  • Adequate mobilization of muscles and joints, to prevent stiffness or scar tissue

Accelerated recovery from injury requires:

  • Frequent therapy applications - at least every day

  • Treatment duration times of up to one hour per day

Electrodes are placed at the site of the injury; a mild muscle contraction on RECOVER mode is acceptable; there must be no muscle contraction on RELIEVE mode.

Rehabilitation and strength - EXERCISE MODE

One of the best benefits of SportsMed is that it can be used to avert muscle atrophy, without additional pain or destabilization, while the body is resting an injured site.

Further re-strengthening of muscle is also important in rehabilitation and prevention of an injury recurrence. For example, strong leg muscles help to prevent injuries to the knees or ankles. EXERCISE may also be applied to major muscle groups as a means of:

  • Restrengthening wasted muscle

  • Correcting muscle imbalance

  • Re-educating muscles (for example, after a stroke)

  • Gaining muscle bulk and increased stamina

Therapy should not be applied for longer than the recommendations - see the table below or speak to your physiotherapist.

Electrodes are placed one at the top of the muscle, the second at the centre of the muscle mass; strong muscle contraction is essential.

SportsMed technical specification

  • 30 intensity settings

  • Maximum output of 60 volts

  • Bi-phasic square wave signal

  • Pulse width of 200 micro seconds

  • Modulation period less than 1 second

  • RELIEVE mode - 10 to 50 Hz, no surge

  • RECOVER mode - 10 to 35 Hz, 6 seconds ON and 12 seconds OFF

  • EXERCISE mode - Constant 50 Hz, 6 seconds ON and 12 seconds OFF

SportsMed treatment guide

Purpose ModeIntensity TimeHow often
Pain relief RELIEVELow to medium Minimum 60 minutesOn demand
Muscle soreness RELIEVELow Several hoursDaily for 1 or 2 days
Scar tissue RELIEVELow Several hoursDaily as needed
Soft tissue healing RECOVERMedium 10 to 20 minutes3 times per day
Circulation RELIEVE or RECOVERLow 60 minutesas often as needed
Rehabilitation EXERCISEMedium 5 to 15 minutes3 times per day
Rehabilitation EXERCISEMedium to high 10 to 20 minutes3 times per day
On RELIEVE mode – muscles should not contract or twitch
On RECOVER mode – muscles should contract, mildly
On EXERCISE mode – muscles should contract, mildly or strongly – as required

Use for management and repair of diagnosed injuries and wounds:

  • acute injury

  • overuse or repetitive strain injury

  • after surgery

  • ulcers, wounds and burns

DO NOT stimulate the heart or the carotid artery.

SportsMed TENS, ECS and EMS

The SportsMed Electrical Stimulation machine is suitable for pain management, faster repair of musculoskeletal tissue, muscle rehabilitation and strengthening, wound healing and post-operative repair.

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