ActivLife Technologies - the TENS machine specialists

Since 1972, we have been inventing, developing and manufacturing TENS machines in Victoria, Australia.

We provide excellent customer support and advice; repairs and spare parts are readily available.

Recently we launched a range of Conductive Garment Electrodes (used instead of the gel pads). We are the only retailers of these products in Australia.

If you have never tried a TENS machine before, we have a hire option.

We also hire our labour TENS machine, ActivNatal.

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Customer feedback

“Hi, my name is Peter, I have been using the same TENS machine for the past 30 years - your SportsMed PRO - its been an excellent tool - its kept me going all these years - I can’t praise it enough”……Peter P, Aberdare, UK, 22nd Jan 2019

“This little machine is excellent. I put it on going to bed. It helps relieve arthritis pain in my neck, hip, knees and foot”……Linda O, Gulliver QLD, 23rd December 2018

“Your excellent product has been a constant companion whilst living in remote areas without medical/physio access. Obviously a robust build, my unit is now in it's 20th year. As I get older I am using it more - for the pain & niggles that accompany aging rather than sports or activity related problems”….. Mik Plumb, 27 Sept 2018