3 Pack – Sensitive Skin Electrodes


3 Pack – Sensitive Skin Electrodes


This pack contains 3 lots of Sensitive Skin Electrodes.

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We will shortly be launching a gel free option for people with sensitive skin.

Please read our information about Garment Electrodes.

The Sensitive Skin Electrode Pack (SSE) contains 4 gelled pads and are suitable for TENS users with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Each electrode measures 40 mm x 90 mm.

These electrodes are compatible with all ActivLife and Bio Electronics TENS machines, including discontinued control units.

With proper care and storage, electrodes may be used multiple times. However, the gel is much softer than the gel on standard electrodes and, when new, it oozes beyond the edge of the pad.

Manufactured by Axelgaard, USA.