Earlobe Electrodes


Earlobe Electrodes


The Earlobe Electrode Pack (EE3) contains 2 clip-on ear piece electrodes.

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Also called ear clip electrodes.

We recommend use of this item with conductive gel and a connecting lead with 2mm pins.

These electrodes are suitable for the following purposes:

  • relaxation
  • migraine
  • tension headache
  • stress and anxiety
  • facial pain
  • sleep assistance

When using these electrodes apply a dab of conductive gel to the front and back of the earlobe (or to the touching components of the electrode) before attaching the electrodes to your earlobes.

Suitable for use with following ActivLife TENS products:

  • ActivBody
  • SportsMed
  • SportsMed PRO
  • PainEze plus

Also suitable for use with the following Bio Electronics products:

  • PainEze xtra
  • PainEze xtra – R
  • SportsMed Clinical
  • Analgesic