A true alternative to gel pads

Exclusive within Australia, we have a range of long-lasting garment electrodes that rely upon new technology to conduct the TENS and EMS electrical pulses through your skin. You use the garment instead of the gel pads - but you do still need your existing TENS control unit!

Previously, gel has been the agent for both conduction and adhesion.

The Conductive Garments do not need gel. Instead:

  • Conduction is achieved via two pads woven with silver thread and cotton; you dampen these with water or an electrolyte spray

  • Adhesion is achieved via a neoprene wrap that fits your body; i.e. each garment wraps firmly around your torso, limbs or joints

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST, but please see individual garment details for size information

Jan 23rd, 2017.... "I bought a back garment and I'm very happy with it; I had always some trouble with the electrodes and this is far more efficient . So I can recommended strongly . Thank you". Andre Delcourt

Garment range

All garments are suitable for TENS pain relief therapy. Some garments are also suitable for ECS soft tissue repair and EMS muscle strengthening therapy.

The garment range is:


  • Thoracic spine

  • Lumbar spine

  • Shoulder blades

  • Abdomen

  • Chest and ribs

  • Hip and buttocks


  • Thigh

  • Hamstring

  • Groin

  • Calf - medium to large

  • Shin - medium to large


  • Elbow

  • Calf - small to medium

  • Shin - small to medium


  • Knee

  • Shoulder

  • Wrist / hand

  • Ankle

The back, thigh and elbow garments are quite versatile, while the other 4 garments have very specific placements associated with joints.

[There will be no garments for the neck, face or pelvic floor in the foreseeable future. You will need to continue to use gel electrodes for those locations.]

Garment benefits

The garments have many benefits for a large number of our customers, such as:

  • They are more effective at low intensity settings than gel pads and therefore use less battery power

  • The electrode area is generally larger than gel pads, but conforms to the contours of your body

  • The wrap garments are made from strong, neoprene material and are durable and long lasting

  • Silver is conductive and has the benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth; you spray the electrode sections with water before use

  • You air dry them between uses; when necessary, the whole garment may be hand washed

  • As there is no gel required, they will be of special interest to customers with sensitive skin or hairy skin and there are no concerns for the very elderly with thin or fragile skin

  • All these garments are 100% compatible with ActivLife TENS and EMS machines

  • They are also compatible with any other TENS machines that use a 2 mm pin connection or a press stud connection

Goodbye Gel!

To use the garment electrodes

Open the anti-static bag carefully and retain it for dry garment storage.

Skin preparation

  • Wash and dry your skin thoroughly to remove any oil, lotions or grime

  • Do not place the electrodes over broken skin; remove any jewellery in vicinity of garment

Electrode preparation

Before connecting the device:

  • Lightly spray the electrode section of the garment with pure water, drinkable water or a conductive electrolyte spray

  • They should be damp but not dripping wet

  • This step is absolutely necessary to improve current flow and ensure the therapy is both comfortable and effective

Connecting the device

  • Connect the garment to your TENS device, using your device connecting lead and the press stud adaptor leads

  • [If you have a TENS machine that uses press stud connections, you will not need the adaptor leads]

  • The connection may be stiff at first - try twisting as you press the lead in

  • Position the electrodes on the area of your body to be treated

  • Ensure the electrodes make good contact with your skin by wrapping the ends firmly around your body and securing with the velcro straps

  • Turn ON your device and choose settings appropriate to your therapy needs

  • If the sensation is pricking rather than tingling, the electrodes are not damp enough

Disconnecting the device

Always turn your TENS machine OFF before:

  • Re-dampening electrodes

  • Moving electrodes to another location

At the end of treatment, disconnect the device in this sequence:

  • Turn the machine OFF

  • Remove the wrap garment

  • Disconnect the leads

Product care

[To maintain hygiene, each garment is for single person use].

  • Allow the garment to air dry between uses

  • When necessary, the garment can be hand washed in lukewarm water, using a mild detergent

  • Do not wash frequently; do not use hot water; do not use an alkaline, acidic or bleaching detergent

  • Rinse the garment thoroughly and allow it to air dry

  • Do not squeeze or spin the garment

  • When dry, replace the garment into its anti-static bag

  • Store the bag in a cool, dry place; avoid humidity

Durability and cost effectiveness

  • With proper care, the garment can be washed up to 100 times

  • They offer amazing lifetime value, compared to gel pads

Garment examples

Product range