Easy Hire Process

Please phone 1800 675 571 during business hours to:

  • Discuss your hire needs
  • Arrange for the hire unit of your choice
  • We offer Australia wide delivery
  • Hire is not available outside Australia

Convert to Purchase

At the end of the hire period you may return the unit or convert to purchase - the choice is yours. If you convert, the total cost will be the same as the retail price - we deduct the cost of hire already paid.

If there is a possibility that you might purchase please tell us so we can send you a new unit.

1. ActivNatal - labour TENS


  • Minimum hire period = 5 weeks
  • Cost = $70, for 5 weeks
  • Post = $20 includes Express Post and addressed return post bag

We recommend that the hire period commences at 3 weeks before your due date, leaving you 2 weeks grace after your due date. You can, of course, extend the hire period if you wish.

If you are ordering in advance, please tell us the date you would like to receive the ActivNatal kit.

2. ActivBody - chronic pain


  • Minimum hire period = 2 weeks
  • Cost = $50, for 2 weeks
  • P&H = $12

We recommend you hire this unit if you have never tried TENS therapy before. Two weeks should be plenty of time for you to assess that ActivBody is of benefit to you.

As most of our ActivBody hire customers do convert to purchase you will receive a new unit.

3. SportsMed - after injury/surgery


  • Minimum hire period = 2 weeks
  • Cost = $50, for 2 weeks
  • Cost = $25 per week thereafter
  • P&H = $12

We recommend hire of this product for short term injury management or to recover from surgery.

While 2 weeks is long enough to evaluate the pain relieving benefits, it will probably not be sufficient time to repair a serious musculoskeletal injury or wound.

4. InControl - for pelvic floor muscles


  • Minimum hire period = 8 weeks
  • Cost = $125, for 8 weeks
  • P&H = $12

The InControl exercise program covers an 8 week period. Hence the minimum hire period for this product is also 8 weeks.

When muscles are very weak, it may be necessary to extend the program.

Extra pelvic floor gel pads are available if you decide to convert to purchase.

5. EllaEase - for period pain and PMS


  • Minimum hire period = 4 weeks
  • Cost = $70, for 4 weeks
  • P&H = $12

The recommended hire period covers a full menstrual cycle.

Please refer to the treatment guide for electrode placement and correct choice of function for your needs.

Be guided by your pelvic pain therapist, if you have one.


Returning hire products

  • The date your hire unit is due for return will be recorded on your invoice
  • Please phone us by this date to tell us if you wish to convert to purchase
  • The return address is: PO BOX 568 Woodend VIC 3442
  • The return package should include the control unit, the connecting lead and the charger
  • For hygiene reasons, please do not return opened packets of electrodes

If you do not contact us or do not return the hired product within a few days of the expiry date, we will conclude you wish to purchase.