SportsMed PRO TENS, ECS and EMS


SportsMed PRO TENS, ECS and EMS


SportsMed PRO is the most versatile Electrical Stimulation machine in our range and is recommended for medical professionals and elite athletes and trainers. Use the SportsMed PRO TENS+ECS+EMS machine for sporting injuries, delayed onset muscle soreness, to recover quickly from surgery and to restrengthen specific weakened muscles.

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The Professional Kit includes:

  • SportsMed PRO Control Unit
  • Standard Electrode Pack (2 pair)
  • SportsMed PRO Connecting Lead
  • User Guide
  • 24 month warranty

Control Unit Specifications:

  • Fully adjustable modes
  • Fully adjustable intensity
  • Fully adjustable muscle contract and relax timing
  • 60 volt maximum output
  • 9 volt battery
  • Sensory nerve - non-surging (TENS)
  • Motor nerve and muscle fibre - surging (EMS)
  • Cell membrane - surging and non-surging (ECS)

Detailed setting instructions are available here.

Manufactured by ActivLife Technologies Pty Ltd, Victoria, AUSTRALIA