What is a TENS machine?

T.E.N.S. is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

TENS therapy is a drug-free, physical therapy. A TENS machine is the medical device that delivers the TENS therapy.

Following medical diagnosis, TENS therapy sessions can be managed by the patient themselves, as part of a program for pain relief, soft tissue repair, wound healing, muscle strengthening or functional rehabilitation.

The latest research on chronic pain concludes that regular and frequent movement is essential for long term pain management. When TENS therapy relieves your pain, it allows you to move and exercise freely. TENS is an integral part of any pain management solution.


About Us

We are ActivLife Technologies (formerly Bio Electronics) and we are the original TENS machine inventors, manufacturers and market leaders. Although we now have many imitators, we are the only manufacturer you can phone for TENS therapy advice.

With an ActivLife TENS machine, TENS therapy can be used between visits to the clinic - at home or on the move, for as long as needed. Treatment is extremely convenient, very cost-effective, and of significant therapeutic value.


We manufacture in Victoria, Australia, and provide excellent customer support and advice; repairs and spare parts are readily available.

Recently we launched a range of Conductive Garment Electrodes (used instead of the gel pads). They are proving to be very popular. We are the only retailers of these products in Australia.

If you have never tried a TENS machine before, we have a hire option. We also hire our labour TENS machine, ActivNatal.

TENS machines

TENS therapies

“Your excellent product has been a constant companion whilst living in remote areas without medical/physio access. Obviously a robust build, my unit is now in it's 20th year. As I get older I am using it more - for the pain & niggles that accompany aging rather than sports or activity related problems”….. Mik Plumb, 27 Sept 2018

 "Your TENS machine is excellent; I use it on my back, neck, shoulder and hand. Marvelous - I couldn't live without it. It totally controls my pain without painkillers ".... Helen S. St Kilda East VIC. 22 June 2018

" Exceptional customer service and product, One exceptionally content customer. Very reasonably priced product and great warranty".... Graeme W, Jordan Springs NSW, 19 April 2018

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