ActivNatal Labour TENS and EMS

ActivNatal labour TENS machine
ActivNatal labour TENS machine

ActivNatal Labour TENS and EMS


ActivNatal is suitable for pain relief during and after pregnancy, for TENS labour pain relief, and for post natal muscle recovery. You can hire or buy the ActivNatal labour TENS.

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The ActivNatal Kit contains everything you need to commence an electro therapy pain management program for pregnancy and labour.

  • The control unit
  • One connecting lead
  • 4 standard pre-gelled pads
  • 2 large pre-gelled pads
  • A lanyard to hold the control unit
  • A battery charger
  • User guide

This TENS and EMS machine is accurately programmed with 3 effective modes for optimal pain management and muscle recovery therapy:

  • RELIEVE - for a combination of pain relief and relaxation (beta-endorphin release), plus easing of muscle tension
  • LABOUR - for maximum pain gating, fast acting high frequency stimulation
  • EXERCISE - for motor nerve stimulation, suitable for pelvic floor and abdominal sheet muscles; this is an EMS mode

All 3 modes are precisely programmed signals with a pulse width of 200 micro seconds. The LABOUR mode is a constant 50Hz signal; the RELIEVE mode modulates between 10Hz and 50Hz; while the EXERCISE mode is a surging pulse (5 seconds ON and 10 seconds OFF), modulating between 10Hz and 50Hz.

RELIEVE is the mode that can also be used by other members of your family for general muscle and joint pain relief.

Other product features include:

  • Powerful maximum output of 60 volts
  • Precise intensity control - 30 settings, in 2 volt increments
  • Unit weighs only 25 gm, for versatility and mobility
  • Standard pad size is 50 mm * 90 mm
  • Large pad size is 75 mm * 130 mm
  • Pad life is many months, depending upon skin and weather conditions
  • Battery is rechargeable and re-charges in 3 to 4 hours
  • Each charge lasts about 20 to 24 hours of application time
  • The battery life is 3 or more years
  • 24 month warranty on control unit, battery and battery charger