Pay by the fortnight offer

The offer

For purchases over $200 in value, ActivLife offers Australian pensioners the option to pay in fortnightly installments, with no hidden fees or charges.

Payments each fortnight are a manageable $50, to a maximum of the published retail price, plus $12 postage.

You can nominate the day of the fortnight for the deduction to occur.

Eligibility requirements

The purchaser must meet the following 2 criteria:

  • Australian resident
  • Dependent upon Federal government social security benefits

Returns Policy

  • You are free to return the product to us at any time
  • No further payments will be deducted if you return the product in good working order

How it works

Getting Started

  • You phone us to discuss your needs and verify eligibility
  • You make your product choice - we are happy to help if you need it
  • Between us, we agree a fortnightly payment schedule and take your credit card details
  • You pay a $50 deposit
  • You pay for the postage of $12 at this stage
  • We dispatch your chosen product
  • The product is yours to use immediately

Subsequent Arrangements

  • You will pay for the product in fortnightly installments of $50
  • The sum of all installment payments will be equal to our published retail price, plus $12 for postage
  • The initial invoice will show the agreed payment dates
  • Each payment will be processed by us, via a credit card debit transaction
  • The last installment will be $50 or the balance outstanding - whichever is the lesser
  • Once the invoice is fully paid, ownership of the product transfers to you
  • We will send you a fully paid receipt

Phone now to discuss

FREECALL   1800 675 571