InControl Treatment Guide

If you wished to strengthen your abdominal muscles you would need to undertake an exercise program for many weeks or even months. Well, InControl works in a similar way. We recommend an 8 week treatment program - which is sufficient for most muscle weakness problems. (Please see Treatment Program below). More difficult cases may take longer.

You should notice small improvements from an early stage and this will give you the motivation to keep going. Not only that, the neural pathways between brain and pelvic floor muscles may re-establish themselves, meaning that you might be able to do manual exercises again.

Modes of operation

  • PFE i - for involuntary (or smooth) muscle
  • PFE v - for voluntary (or skeletal) muscle
  • PFE m - a mixed mode, 50% involuntary and 50% voluntary muscle

Getting started

The general rule is to start with mild intensity for short periods of time. However you must be able to feel the muscles contracting - if the stimulation is below this threshold you will not achieve the necessary results. Gradually increase the length of treatment and gently increase the strength of the muscle contraction.

InControl daily routine

The following is our recommended guide to daily application times for each mode. Judge your own progress and adapt to suit your own body. If in doubt consult an incontinence physiotherapist or nurse.

This is the optimum - but if you miss a day or two, don't worry, just get back into it when you can.

Week by week Treatment Guide

Minutes per day per mode

Week PFE i ModePFE m Mode PFE v Mode
1 20 minutes20 minutes 0 minutes
2 30 minutes30 minutes 0 minutes
3 40 minutes40 minutes 0 minutes
4 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
5 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
6 0 minutes40 minutes 50 minutes
7 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
8 0 minutes30 minutes 60 minutes
Maintenance 20 minutes20 minutes 20 minutes

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