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TENS machine questions

Remember: TENS is a therapy - not just a machine. The therapy is self-managed, following medical diagnosis and advice.

If you would like to speak to an experienced TENS consultant, you can:

  • Phone 1800 675 571   [Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm]
  • See our network of Practitioner Professional Partners

TENS machine functions and differences

As well as being the umbrella term for personal electrical stimulation, TENS also refers specifically to sensory nerve stimulation for pain relief.

EMS (sometimes NMS) is a second term in use; it refers to motor nerve stimulation, which is used to create a series of muscle contractions.

ActivLife micro TENS machines have been designed to combine precise programs of sensory and/or motor nerve stimulation, depending upon the Intended Purpose:

  • ActivBody is for acute & chronic pain, nerve pain, joint & soft tissue pain, circulation and relaxation, using 3 accurately programmed TENS functions
  • SportsMed is for acute & chronic pain, injury healing and muscle strengthening - it is an excellent combination of TENS & EMS
  • InControl and InControl for men are for pelvic floor muscle strengthening - of necessity, they are pure EMS machines
  • ActivNatal is for pregnancy, labour and after childbirth - with 3 purpose designed functions, including labour pain relief and general pain relief
  • EllaEase is for menstrual concerns - a different combination of functions to suit a different set of needs, including relaxation and regulating cramps

Our renowned SportsMed PRO is a little larger than the micro range. It is intended for professional use, clinical applications and for the elite athlete. It's more complex to operate but, as it is fully adjustable, it does offer all of the functionality of the micro unit range.

TENS accessories and spare parts

We stock a wide range of parts and accessories for ActivLife and Bio Electronics TENS machines. All our electrodes fit all our own brand machines - they attach via a 2mm pin.

These electrodes will also suit any other brand TENS machine that uses the same 2mm pin connection. However we do not stock press-stud electrodes.

ActivLife is a company you can trust

Registration - Australian made - Warranty - Research - Support

ActivLife makes tiny, wearable, long-lasting TENS machines

  • Our TENS machines are medical devices, listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
  • Only our TENS machines are Australian made and have a 24 month warranty
  • They are backed by 45 years of clinical and academic research, both in Australia and in universities in UK, Europe and America
  • We offer an advice service before and after purchase
  • Our product repair service is second to none

We are the original TENS machine inventors

Jim Lamers designed and made his first TENS unit in 1971, and we have been in continuous production, in Victoria, ever since.

We lead the way on innovation

  • All products in our TENS micro range are matchbox size, very powerful and rechargeable
  • Each micro control unit is feather-weight at 25 gm and easily fits into a pendant holder, pocket or clothing, for maximum mobility and convenience
  • An ActivLife micro TENS machine is great value and made to last:
    • Up to 8 hours without turning OFF
    • Up to 24 hours of usage time before the battery needs recharging
    • Between 3 and 6 years before the battery needs replacing
    • Pads are reusable for many months
    • Replacement pads are readily available
  • The SportsMed PRO has been in production since 1988

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