TENS is physical therapy

TENS means Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a drug-free physical therapy, within the category: electro therapy / neurostimulation therapy.

In a clinical setting, TENS therapy is used by physiotherapists, pain management specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. However, TENS therapy can also be managed by the patient, as part of their self-managed pain relief or injury recovery program.

With an ActivLife micro TENS machine, the therapy can be used daily, at home or on the move, and for as long as needed.

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An ActivLife TENS machine offers you the very best electro therapies

Sensory nerve stimulation (TENS)   -   Cell membrane stimulation (ECS)   -   Motor nerve stimulation (EMS)

ActivLife micro TENS machines

Tiny, wearable, multi-functional control units

ActivLife micro TENS machines have been designed to be as small and light as possible, so you can maintain full mobility at all times. They are are also extremely easy to operate.

Following medical diagnosis, choose a TENS machine based on your most pressing need, or phone us for advice.

  • ActivBody is designed for chronic pain, nerve pain, joint and soft tissue pain, improved circulation and relaxation; It has excellent benefits for long distance air travel. TENS and ECS functions.
  • SportsMed is for soft tissue pain relief and repair following acute or repetitive strain injury, plus muscle strengthening for rehabilitation. It is also great after surgery to help with pain, stress and repair. TENS, ECS and EMS functions.
  • InControl is for pelvic floor muscle strengthening - say NO to incontinence by strengthening all the muscles of the pelvic floor; and rediscover your active life. EMS functions only.
  • ActivNatal is for pregnancy, labour and after childbirth - offering general pain relief, labour pain relief and exercise mode to regain muscle tone; ActivNatal can be used by the whole family; HIRE or Buy. TENS, ECS and EMS functions.
  • EllaEase is for various menstrual concerns - period pain, abdominal cramps and premenstrual tension; with medical approval / supervision, EllaEase may be used for Endometriosis pain. TENS, ECS and EMS functions.

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