Arthritis pain - Back pain - Sciatica - Shoulder pain - Nerve pain - Neck pain - Knee pain - Other chronic pain

Acute injury - Repetitive strain injury - Surgery - Muscle weakness - Incontinence - Labour pain - Tense muscles

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TENS is a therapy for pain relief, relaxation, soft tissue repair, circulation and muscle strength

T.E.N.S. is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a drug-free, physical therapy or electro therapy.

What is a TENS machine?

A TENS machine is a personal medical device which provides one or more of 3 different types of electro therapies. A quality unit will come with clear and helpful instructions for proper application and use.

With an ActivLife TENS machine, the therapies can be used between visits to the clinic - at home or on the move, for as long as needed. Treatment is extremely convenient, very cost-effective, and of significant therapeutic value.

How does TENS therapy work?

Each of the three different TENS therapies is for a pecise medical purpose and health outcome:

1. Sensory Nerve Stimulation (also called TENS) is for fast and lasting pain relief and relaxation; mechanisms include pain gating and release of beta-endorphins, encephalin and serotonin

2. Cell Membrane Stimulation (ECS) is for opening cell walls to improve circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients and proteins which are necessary for musculoskeletal repair; also to eliminate waste material and excess fluid

3. Motor Nerve Stimulation (EMS) is used to contract and relax the muscle and thus prevent muscle atrophy and strengthen muscle after injury or surgery; also for improved circulation and for pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence

Following medical diagnosis, these therapies can be self-administered by the patient, as part of a program for pain management, soft tissue repair, wound healing, muscle strengthening and/or functional rehabilitation.

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TENS therapy examples

In Summary

1. TENS for pain relief and relaxation
2. ECS for circulation and soft tissue repair
3. EMS for circulation and muscle strength

An ActivLife TENS machine offers you the very best electro therapies - in a tiny unit

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