TENS is a therapy - not just a machine

TENS means Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  TENS therapy is a drug-free, electro therapy, used by pain management specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. 

Following medical diagnosis, TENS therapy is usually managed by the patient, as an integral part of their pain relief or injury recovery program. Self-management means access to the therapy on a daily basis and for as long as needed.

TENS therapy is used in 3 different ways:

  • Sensory nerve stimulation (also called TENS) - fast and lasting pain relief and relaxation
  • Cell membrane stimulation (ECS) - improving circulation and hastening musculoskeletal healing
  • Motor nerve stimulation (EMS) - preventing muscle atrophy and strengthening major muscle groups

Effective TENS therapy consists of:

  • Correct diagnosis
  • On-going supervision of medical condition
  • Advice and guidance based on clinical evidence
  • A quality TENS machine with function settings based on medical science
  • Correct positioning of electrodes
  • Concise, easy to follow treatment guidelines

    Our wearable TENS machine range

    ActivLife micro TENS machines have been designed to combine precise programs of sensory nerve stimulation, motor nerve stimulation and/or cell membrane stimulation, depending upon the Intended Purpose.

    Choose your unit based on your primary need, or phone us for advice.

    • ActivBody is designed for chronic pain, nerve pain, joint and soft tissue pain, circulation and relaxation
    • SportsMed is for injury pain relief, injury or wound healing, rehabilitation and muscle strengthening; also great after surgery
    • InControl is for pelvic floor muscle strengthening - say NO to incontinence and rediscover your active life
    • ActivNatal is for pregnancy, labour and after childbirth - pain relief, recovery and muscle tone; can be used by the whole family
    • EllaEase is for menstrual concerns, abdominal cramps and premenstrual tension

      So many unique features


      • The ONLY Australian Made TENS machines - official Australian Made ID 5317
      • Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) - since inception; #174871 and #175359

      Long lasting

      • Up to 8 hours before auto turn OFF (manual turn OFF any time)
      • Rechargeable - up to 24 hours of usage time between recharges; Plug into mains power worldwide
      • Between 3 and 6 years before the battery needs replacing
      • 24 month warranty and a product repair service that is economical, friendly and fast
      • Pads are reusable for many months; Replacement pads are inexpensive and readily available


      • Accurate, effective programs based on clinical research and reflecting the latest medical knowledge
      • Powerful and comfortable - from 2 volts to 60 volts, and 30 different intensity settings
      • Modulating and mixed frequency signals means pain relief is available for the long term


      • Tiny - thumb size and weighing only 25gm
      • Wearable - in your pocket / clothing, or buy our lanyard / waist belt pouch
      ActivBody-System-Connection 2x3.jpg

      SportsMed PRO - robust and versatile

      SportsMed PRO is a little larger than the micro range. It is intended for professional use, clinical applications and for the elite athlete. Features include:

      • Has been in production since 1988
      • Choice of TENS, EMS and ECS functions
      • A wide range of intensity settings
      • Choice of Modulated or Constant signal
      • Choice of muscle contraction / muscle release timing
      • Powered by a 9 volt battery;  we recommend Duracell or Energizer brands

      Recent testimonials and independent reviews

      " I have used my machine [ed. SportsMed PRO] for 14 years. I first bought it to manage pain during childbirth. Now my son uses it for his AFL injuries!!. Shoulder pain relief is excellent.".... Caroline H, Suffolk Park NSW, 5th August 2017
      "We started with an Ezistim then moved to the SportsMed. Both my wife and I love these devices, so I might as well get a second SportsMed! I'm glad to see that there is also a short lead option and I'll give that a whirl too"....James F, Kings Langley NSW, 26th July 2017
      "I purchased the tens machine [ed. SportsMed PRO] after a hip replacement 16 years ago and it worked well. I have now just had a knee replacement and am looking forward to further successful use"....Peter K, ACT, 24th July 2017
      "This is an awesome machine [ed. ActivBody]. It served its purpose well while my husband was waiting for a discectomy. He found this was the only pain killer that worked for nerve pain".... Susan S, Ashmore QLD, 12th July 2017
      "We have decided to keep the TENS hire unit [ ed. ActivBody] - it has been excellent.".... Lesley A, Wheelers Hill VIC, 15th June 2017


      When the patient support and advocacy group "Pain Australia" prepared a TENS Fact Sheet, they turned to us for information, explanation and research material.

      "If you are unsure about using TENS, ask a therapist or retailer for a demonstration. It is easy to learn and easy to use. You can also look for an option where you can hire and trial a machine at home.".....Pain Australia

      Trust ActivLife

      We have been researching and manufacturing TENS devices since 1971. After 46 years, there are now many imported, "copy-cat" products on the market, and YES, some of them do appear to be cheap.

      The adage "you get what you pay for" applies here. Problems to avoid include:

      • TENS units that are not listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration
      • Devices not supported after sale - there are many of these
      • Disposable TENS machines that only last as long as the non-chargeable battery or the life of the pads

      Some machines call themselves "wireless". Just be aware that there is still a wire between the pads and so you won't be able to separate those pads more than a few centimetres.