ActivBody TENS offers pain relief without drugs

ActivBody provides both immediate and long lasting pain relief.

It is rechargeable, cost effective and highly convenient.

  • Pain relief is available every day, when you need it, for as long as you need it
  • The control unit is tiny, feather-weight and discreet
  • ActivBody is simple to use, at home, at work or on the move
  • You can go on using it for years - with no loss of effectiveness
  • There are no overdose, addiction or toxicity issues
  • ActivBody can be used in conjunction with your approved medications
  • ActivBody can be used in combination with Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

A TENS machine for pain relief

The ActivBody TENS machine is primarily designed to relieve musculoskeletal pain.

The majority of our customers use ActivBody for conditions such as osteoarthritis, low back pain, mid-back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, hip or knee pain - but there are many less common applications as well [see links on right].

In a survey of 3,000 of these customers, 96% described their level of pain relief as " excellent, very good, good or satisfactory".

When the pain is managed with TENS, our customers report that they are then able to improve their mobility and lead a more active life.

A TENS machine with added benefits

The added value benefits of ActivBody include uses for:

  • Circulation
  • Release of muscle tension
  • General relaxation

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