Please phone us before sending in your unit for service.

We have found that many perceived problems can be resolved over the phone.

Warranty repairs

Effective 5th November 2015, our Control Units and Chargers are covered by a 24 month warranty (previously 12 months).

Please refer to our warranty policy for full details.

Non-warranty repairs

ActivLife will charge a fee for:

  • Repairs outside the warranty period
  • Inspection and testing of any control units which are found to be functioning correctly

Non-repairable items

ActivLife does not repair:

  • Devices that have not been manufactured by either ActivLife Technologies or Bio Electronics
  • Devices that are more than 10 years old

Repair costs

Please read this information.

Guarantee of the repair

ActivLife warrants the parts and labour of the actual repair for a period of 12 months. Any new faults that may arise after repair are not covered by the repair warranty.

Postal address

Please post your units to:

ActivLife Technologies Pty Ltd

Attention: Service Department

PO BOX 568 Woodend, VIC 3442