Beware cheap imitations

We know there are inferior / cheaper TENS products on the market.

Please be aware that sometimes, cheap price really means poor design or a copy-cat product.

Poor design

Poor design features may inhibit your mobility, limit where you apply TENS therapy or cost you more in the long run. For example:

  • A large, cumbersome control unit
  • Batteries that do not last and cannot be recharged
  • Pads that are only suitable to be placed close together
  • An ON time maximum of 30 or 60 minutes
  • Uncomfortable stimulation signals

Poor design is also an indication that the manufacturer has not done their research and is not thinking of your needs.

Copy cats

Signs of a copy cat product include:

  • Short TENS experience or history
  • Lack of information and clear instructions
  • Inappropriate use of medical terms or unsubstantiated claims
  • No means of contact other than the website store

Your body is important - be sure before you choose based on price alone.