Using TENS for incontinence

A growing number of people are learning about the benefits of TENS therapy for pain relief. However, very few people know that a different TENS wave pattern can be used to stimulate and exercise pelvic floor muscles.

The topic of incontinence is rarely discussed openly in Australia - despite the fact that stress, urge and mixed incontinence are conditions suffered by many millions of women and men, in silence.

Light bladder leakage is neither shameful nor inevitable. The major cause of the problem is weakened pelvic floor muscles and this weakness can be addressed with pelvic floor exercises. Manual exercise is the best place to start. But if this is difficult for you, or not achieving the desired improvement, then we have a small medical device that can do the strengthening for you.

InControl and InControl for men are the names of our two products. They have been on the market for many years and were first developed through a collaboration between Physiotherapist, Jim Lamers, and Incontinence Nurse, Dorothy Stevens.

Lots more information is available here.

Please be aware that TENS machines designed for pain relief cannot be used for pelvic floor strength. This is because the continuous wave signal which is best for pain relief is potentially damaging if applied to highly sensitive muscle tissue.