Air Travel and Road Trips

Air Travel

Over the years we have received several questions about TENS devices and airline policy. Here are the facts.

Our products are safe to wear during air travel:

  • You can take one in hand luggage or wear it
  • It will not set off the airport security alarm
  • It will not interfere with navigational instruments

Our products offer significant travel benefits including:

  • Relieving stiffness caused by immobility - place pads on your back or other stiff joints
  • Helping to manage stress, anxiety and headache - place pads on your shoulder blades, base of the neck or each wrist
  • Improving circulation and reducing fluid retention - place pads on your calf muscles or ankles; if you have not done this during flight, try it as soon as you land

The modes to use for these applications include: RELIEVE on any of our devices, or ActivBody RELAX, SportsMed RECOVER.

Road trips

These same benefits apply to long distance road trips. However, if you are the driver and want to place pads on your back, we suggest a mild intensity - pressing the pads between your back and the car seat can cause the intensity to feel stronger.

Many of our customers tell us their TENS machine is the first item they pack!

My experience

I have used my TENS to eliminate fluid in ankles and also to avoid retention all together:

  • The first time was traveling from Melbourne to Berlin, when I did not use TENS until after the flight. Placing a pad on each ankle while I slept, I successfully eliminated painful swollen ankles overnight.

  • On the return journey, I was more proactive. I wore the pads on my ankles while flying. The result was no fluid retention at all and an excellent sleep the first night home.

I was also very chilled during the journey and suffered no jet lag!