Wearable TENS

Regular TENS users

Over the years we have had a few phone calls from customers in distress. They have accidentally dropped their TENS unit and it has fallen, either in water or to the ground. Both outcomes can be damaging to the device - typically, corrosion or internal breakage.

So we are now introducing a highly convenient belt with 2 expandable pouches. You wear it under your clothing and it can easily accommodate our micro sized control units, plus you can tuck away any extra length of lead.

The belt part is wide elastic and may be adjusted at the back. In front, there are the 2 pockets - each with a zip. Put your TENS machine in one side and there is still room for other small items on the other side - money, phone, sun glasses or keys spring to mind.

The waist belt pouch is available from our online store and costs only $12 - making your tiny, powerful TENS device truly wearable and comfortable - even for the accident prone.

ActivNatal users

We still advocate the use of the pendant holder during pregnancy and childbirth, as it hangs freely around your neck allowing you to walk around.

The waist belt is not long enough and would be uncomfortable during this time.

Wearable TENS machine