Start stretching

I’m Jarrod, the Operations Manager at ActivLife Technologies. I’ve spent the past 15 years practicing Martial Arts and one of the things I value most about it is the suppleness of body it provides. Our club doesn’t focus on aerobic exercise but rather proper technique and fluid movements. This has allowed me to stay agile and live relatively pain free.

Our martial arts club is no longer in operation and a friend of mine has been encouraging me to go to the gym so that I can maintain my health and fitness in order to be able to remain active when I get older. Coincidentally, a new gym opened near my house which I joined. To start this off I engaged a personal trainer to help develop a program for me. The beginning of my gym routine involves a considerable amount of stretching however not your conventional stretching though. My stretching involves the use of a foam roller and rolling my body along it. Whilst it’s too early to tell how this stretching is going, my back certainly loves it when I do it. In fact I even went and purchased a foam roller so I could do these stretches outside of the gym.

Exercise and stretching can often be difficult though when you suffer from chronic pain. A TENS Machine is a great way of relieving your pain and once it starts to ease and you feel comfortable enough, you can start gently stretching.

You then might like to take up an activity like a martial art, tai chi or some other activity that allows you to feel alive again. Winter is coming to an end and before you know it summer will be here so why not be ready to get out, be active and enjoy the sunshine.

At ActivLife we always recommend speaking with a health professional prior to engaging new activities or forms of pain relief.