" Exceptional customer service and product, One exceptionally content customer. Very reasonably priced product and great warranty".... Graeme W, Jordan Springs NSW, 19 April 2018

“TENS satisfaction is Excellent; Pain location is Hip. I have owned and used the Sportsmed athlete recovery since 1994 - it is still working great and allows me to continue to work and play. Thank you very much" ....Rose M, Riverview NSW, 30th October 2017

"Have used the SportsMed TENS for over 3 years with excellent results on back and knees" .... Fiona D, Chelsea Heights VIC, 23rd October 2017

"I am using the ActivBody application for a second day and I had many questions. I couldn't believe the way I was helped. I'd give the owners 5 out of 5. I haven't found such service anywhere else. I am on a trial period [ed Hire] and hope that I will stay as happy with the unit as I am now. Thanks very much. If somebody suffers pain, don't wait, order the unit and at least for the time you are using it, you will not suffer." .....Zdenka B, Patterson Lakes, VIC, 19th October 2017

"You are very lovely, helpful people. I can't thank you enough for your amazing products [ed. ActivBody and SportsMed]. Please don't change" ....Julie T, Kilsyth VIC, 3rd September 2017

"Love my TENS machine [ed. ActivBody] ; now I have my husband using one, too" ....Helen F, Niddrie VIC, 30th August 2017

"This machine [ed. PainEze plus, now ActivBody] does wonders when I'm having a fibromyalgia flare up and normal pain meds don't work; Excellent pain relief" .... Lani J, High Wycombe WA, 23rd August 2017

" I have used my machine [ed. SportsMed] for 14 years. I first bought it to manage pain during childbirth. Now my son uses it for his AFL injuries!!. Shoulder pain relief is excellent" .... Caroline H, Suffolk Park NSW, 5th August 2017

"We started with an Ezistim then moved to the SportsMed. Both my wife and I love these devices, so I might as well get a second SportsMed! I'm glad to see that there is also a short lead option and I'll give that a whirl too" ....James F, Kings Langley NSW, 26th July 2017

"I purchased the tens machine [ed. SportsMed] after a hip replacement 16 years ago and it worked well. I have now just had a knee replacement and am looking forward to further successful use" ....Peter K, ACT, 24th July 2017

"This is an awesome machine [ed. ActivBody]. It served its purpose well while my husband was waiting for a discectomy. He found this was the only pain killer that worked for nerve pain" .... Susan S, Ashmore QLD, 12th July 2017

Excellent, 5 out of 5 stars, reviewed on Jul 11, 2017,  Verified purchase

"I'm at the end of a serious sciatica flare up & this TENS device has been great. I use it for hours literally every day. After the trial, I'm going to buy the unit. It's easy to use and portable".

> ActivBody

Comments include feedback about the range that preceded ActivBody, i.e. the PainEze Xtra and PainEze plus

I had severe pain from trigeminal neuralgia and could not tolerate my prescription medication. The pain was almost intolerable at times. The ActivBody TENS device controlled then eliminated the pain.The service from ActivLife could not have been better - kind, personal, informed, expert
Helen T. Strathmore VIC, Sept 2016

I have been using the ActivBody TENS machine for pain for about 4 years. I have arthritis in the spine and all joints. By using TENS I can by-pass pain killers and get relief, and this enables me to lead an active and happy life. Recently I bought an InControl machine for mild incontinence and after the first few days I was able to feel the difference. It is amazingly effective
Helen S. St Kilda East, August 2016

I've been using my TENS ActivBody for over a year and can't live without it. I recently purchased a few accessories and I am very happy with them too. The unit clips nicely into the lanyard and belt holder and I look far more acceptable now instead of having a peg hold the unit in place! I can also recommend the Sensitive Skin Electrodes. Thank you for your usual fast and friendly service.
Linda T. August 2016

Thank you for my TENS machine - it allows me to walk and do normal everyday things that I struggle to do without it on. I love that it is so portable and discreet; and it charges so quickly
Natalie S. July 2016

After 4 back surgeries and constant rehab the ActivBody has been great in assisting with my pain and recovery. Highly recommend.
Mark W, Eaglemont VIC, 10 May 2016

Working as a dental hygienist I maintain the same working posture and use repetitive actions for extended periods. This causes me to have chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Although I see an osteo every 4 weeks, in between these visits I suffer and rely upon pain relief to get me through. I recently tried the ActivBody unit for two weeks and am virtually pain free. I have not had to take any analgesics since using the ActivBody. Without doubt, I recommend the ActivBody to anyone suffering the same problem as me.
Leianna O., Essendon, VIC, 3 July 2015
ActivLife: Leianna has since converted her ActivBody hire to purchase.

I have had various models of the ActivLife TENS machines over many years. All have done a wonderful job on aches, strains and on my [osteo]arthritis.
Heather, Sheffield, TAS, 19 May 2015

It is amazing. I couldn't survive without it. Don't have as many pain killers anymore.
Annette, Essendon, VIC, 1 May 2015

My ActivBody arrived yesterday and I used it on my back for 30 minutes on Block mode and then 2 hours on Relieve mode. While it was on, for the first time in 7 months, I was able to prepare a meal and wash up without any pain whatsoever. I could stand straight and even bend to pick up something without groaning loudly! My only regret is not knowing about this amazing device earlier. Add in fast delivery, friendly and helpful staff at ActivLife and a quality product, I cannot speak highly enough of this system – and this only after one day!! Thank you.
Linda, Hamlyn Heights, VIC, 29 Spril 2015

I have to thank you so much for the TENS machine – it has been the best thing for my back, and I’ve been able to return to exercise without pain. Just amazing! After years of going to physios/Pilates/massage, this is the only thing that has worked.
Joanna, Heidelberg, VIC, 25 April 2015

A few years ago I have a bad case of whiplash. I put up with the pain for 18 months and almost had an operation on my neck after being told it was my only option. After using the TENS machine for 4-6 weeks, I made a remarkable recovery and the pain has not come back.
Vera K, Rosanna, VIC 24 March 2015

I’ve been using PainEze [now ActivBody – Ed] for a number of years now and wouldn’t be without it ever. I love using my TENS machine as it provides good pain relief without doping me out.
Pat, Sinnamon Park, QLD, 11 February 2015

I ruptured my L5 S1 disc in August & had excruciating sciatica down my right leg. I spent 5 weeks on my stomach & borrowed a friend’s ActivBody TENS. It was my saviour & some nights I had it going all night. I purchased my own ActivBody and now use it when my pain flares. A great adjunct to other forms of pain relief or an alternative in some cases. It’s great that it is so compact too.
Emily, Hughesdale, VIC, 12 January 2015

I must have been one of your first customers I think. I have been involved in (not the cause of) 3 car accidents and have been in pain quite a bit over the years. The TENS machine has been my saviour. I’ve bought 2 other machines for a neighbour and my cousin in England. We are all delighted with the relief. Thank you.
Sandra, Grovedale, VIC 9 January 2015

Using the TENS machine is the perfect pain relief for my spinal degeneration and the muscle spasm associated with this. A couple of hours treatment and my lower back pain feels much better. Wearing it doesn't restrict movement and I can undertake lots of activities. Best thing I ever bought for my chronic back pain. Thanks.
Margaret, Southport, QLD, 8 January 2015

I have used the ActivLife TENS machine for my chronic spinal problem for probably over 15 years, and it has kept me on my feet and working when [omitted] couldn't - even the really strong ones. I am only on my second little machine in all this time, and I had to buy a replacement due to getting it wet - not through faulty workmanship. An amazing product which I recommend thoroughly to anyone with back pain like mine, or any other pain for that matter.
Lisa, Guyra, NSW, 2 January 2015

I have tendinopathy of both hips. Despite repeated courses of [omitted] injections I only had short term or no pain relief. I started on the ActivBody TENS about 18 months ago. It is marvelous. I use it for 20 minutes per hip per day and I am normally pain-free.
Paula, Balwyn, VIC, 31 December 2014

A fantastic, non-invasive device that I use regularly to assist with tightness in my shoulders, middle and lower back pain. I have it on at work and as it is so small, it is great to carry wherever I go. A terrific product that I would recommend to anyone.
Nadine, Kilsyth, VIC, 23 December 2014

10 years ago my doctor recommended I try TENS therapy to help my hand pain. Since then I couldn't have managed my lower back problem if I hadn't my faithful old TENS. For the last few years my local doctor has given me acupuncture. Recently he left, so I've gone back to "old faithful". I'm 80 years old.
Maggie, Merimbula South, NSW, 18 December 2014

Purchased my Ezistim [now ActivBody - Ed] in April 2003 for acute back pain. The best product I have ever bought. I would never be without it. It's the first thing I pack when going away.
Ann, Gymea, NSW, 16 December 2014

Along with pain medication, I have found the ActivBody machine highly effective in taking the edge off my nerve pain, which has helped to decrease the amount of break-through pain whilst sleeping.
Kerri, Niddrie, VIC, 15 December 2014

ActivBody has enabled me to recover from shoulder surgery quicker and without pain medication. I am also able to achieve a level of exercise to keep fit and healthy.
Suzanne, Armadale, VIC, 15 December 2014

This product is marvelous. If my pain gets really bad, I just put the pads on and receive relief in a very short time. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law as she had owned one for years.
Chrissy, Huskisson, NSW, 15 December 2014

I have had a TENS unit for 15 years. It has been the best thing for relief of pain that I have come across.
Sarah, Mt Gambier, SA, 15 December 2014

Have been using your TENS machines since prior to 1995 (don't know exact date). Without this brilliant technology, I would have had to spend much more time in bed (bi-lateral sciatica). Your wonderful machine enabled me to hold down many jobs.
Judy, Warranwood, VIC, 15 December 2014

I started using a TENS machine in 2002 when I heard about it on TV's "A Current Affair". It has been a great help in relieving my sciatica and back pain, which is the result of two bad falls. Thank you ActivLife for a great product.
Jean, Altona North, VIC, 15 December 2014

I have had a knee replacement and shoulder reconstruction, along with many other ailments, not the least kidney disease. So I have to watch medication closely. My TENS has been used by both myself and my husband since 2009 regularly, without having to stay plugged in or disposed of. I can use TENS and do my work.
Clauris, Dubbo, NSW, 12 December 2014

I am very pleased with this product, my second in eight years. I find it relaxes me as well as easing the pain and swelling in my feet and ankles.
Noeline H, Geraldton, WA, 11 December 2014

Nine years ago I had a very bad fall, up three concrete steps. My shoulder landed on the edge of the top step, my ribs on the second edge and my back on the bottom step. Nothing broken but a lot of pain, particularly to my lower back. After 6 months of big doses of medication, my doctor told me his wife used a TENS machine during her labour. I ordered a PainEze [now ActivBody - Ed] and it has saved me from all that pain. I cannot praise it too highly because I have loaned it to some friends at various times. All got relief from my TENS. Thank God your dad invented this amazing little machine. I am without pain most of the time now.
Kaye D, Trafalgar, VIC, 10 December 2014

I started using PainEze plus in 2002 for my left knee and tennis elbow. Now I use ActivBody for about 4 days and I'm good for months. Great product.
Maureen W, Delahey, VIC, 8 December 2014

I have used TENS machines for many years & was thrilled when I discovered someone had designed the tiny portable model I could slip in my pocket. It was so unobtrusive. Then I was even more thrilled when the new model came out with its own recharger. This is a wonderful little unit and I rely on mine a lot when my lower back pain starts getting out of control. It works (for me) every time!
Judith C, Paradise, SA, 8 December 2014

This is a wonderful invention. I could not survive each day without it. I now lead an active life without pain.
Lorraine P, Bellevue Heights, SA, 9 December 2014

I have chronic pelvic pain which affects many areas, and need to take many different strong pain and nerve medication. When I first started to use the TENS machine I was surprised at how well it worked and it took the pain away better than most [omitted] I was on. I have now been using the TENS machine for 3 months and have been able to reduce [omitted] dramatically. I have got 3/4 of my life back and able to start other therapies to enable my recovery. My GP recommended a TENS machine, and I chose the ActivBody as it is Australian, has a long history of research, you are able to buy their accessories online and their service before and after sales has been excellent.
Cara, Mornington, TAS, 21 April 2014

> SportsMed
Comments include feedback about SportsMed PRO and SportsMed Clinical

I now have venous insufficiency and have found my new TENS machine works the muscles in my legs and reduces the swelling in my ankles. I can wear it all day and no-one knows.
Heather, Sheffield, TAS, 19 May 2015

SportsMed PRO is excellent. Easy to use. Great pain relief. Your customer service is also great. The information is very helpful.
Karen, Kingsville, VIC, 6 May 2015

I like that SportsMed is able to be used for various injuries and that I can adjust the strength. I take it on long trips to relieve aching legs on aircraft.
Judith, Mermaid, QLD, 8 April 2015

I have considerable degenerative problems with my back including prolapsed disc which was causing pressure on nerves and 24 hour pain. I had tried all means to control the pain including medication, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, etc. My specialist suggested trying a TENS machine. I hired one from the Physiotherapist and the results were amazing. It gave incredible pain relief so I rang the ActivLife phone number which was on the hired TENS machine and ordered one for myself. I would hate to be without it now and my wife also uses it for pain relief from lower back pain from [osteo]arthritis.
Bruce, Moyston, VIC, 27 March 2015

I have been using my SportsMed for the past few years and couldn't be happier.
Juliana B, Sunshine Beach, QLD, 24 March 2015

I'm currently hiring a SportsMed from you. I'm really happy with it and would like to purchase it. I've only been using the TENS machine for 2 weeks. In that time I have stopped taking [omitted]for back and knee problems. I'm able to fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully for longer periods through using the TENS machine. I would recommend this for anyone sick of [omitted] or anyone that is sore/stiff after a long days labour.
Blair, Duncraig, WA, 20 February 2015

I use my SportsMed for back strain pain relief and previously for rebuilding wasted muscle after hip surgery. Use it about twice a week; has kept going for years and years; it never lets me down; too precious to lend to anyone.
Monica, Langwarrin, VIC, 4 February 2015

I couldn't live without my SportsMed. It saves me a lot of money, too.
Shirley, Gisborne, VIC, 23 January 2015

I have had my SportsMed unit since 1998 and it has been fantastic for relieving muscle pain and soreness. I have [omitted] and some osteoarthritis. I am in my 60s now. The best money I have ever spent. Worth its weight in gold.
Helen, Pakenham, VIC, 31 December 2014

I have used this product for pain relief for hip bursitis and nerve pain. It has helped to reduce the amount of medication required and provided excellent pain relief.
Heidi, Seddon, VIC, 23 December 2014

"This is the best thing we ever bought!" - that's the usual comment when the SportsMed is brought out, following sporting injuries, back pain, sore feet - you name it.
Linda, Riverdale, VIC, 23 December 2014

I have found that there is no single solution to pain. But if you want to do, what you want to do, and the pain that gnaws like a rat looks like it is starting, knowing you have the means to combat the pain will often quieten the fear of the pain. If the pain is starting for real, put on the TENS, turn it down real low, leave it on and get on with what you want. Your company's products were central to me developing an understanding of the control of pain.
Tom, Highett, VIC, 19 December 2014

I have been using my TENS for almost 20 years, initially for a neck injury following car accidents. I was living on [omitted] medication - now rarely use them. I have bought 3 more TENS for family and friends. Recently needed a hip replacement - my surgeon suggested TENS for pain relief. So the word is out.
Penelope, Pelican, NSW, 19 December 2014

I have had my SportsMed for 25+ years. I have severe [omitted] and osteoarthritis. I couldn't do without my SportsMed. It's wonderful.
Rose, Kyogle, NSW, 19 December 2014

I wouldn't be without it; any hint of pain or discomfort, its the first thing I reach for. If we go away, it is the first thing packed.
Kerry, Wongaling Beach, QLD, 17 December 2014

The SportsMed PRO has literally changed my life. I'd suffered from lower back pain for 20 years until a friend recommended the SportsMed. Now, at the first sign of back pain, I put on the SportsMed for a while and can then return to physical activity. I wish I'd bought one 20 years ago!
Robert, Wendouree, VIC, 17 December 2014

Chronic back problems have been made manageable with the TENS - great as it is so portable and can attach to your clothing. I have one at home and one in my travel bag. Often need to use it after a long plane flight. I wouldn't be without them!
Donna, Mooney Mooney, NSW, 15 December 2014

I run a handyman business. Often I have extremely sore muscles and joints. Since owning my TENS machine my aches and pains are resolved at home. Treatment is constant, costs nothing and is as often as I need it. My body is grateful for my purchase. I wouldn't be without it.
David, North Balwyn, VIC, 11 December 2014

I have used the SportsMed for many years and am very happy with it. I am a sports trainer and have helped a lot of players recover from injury.
John, Warragul, VIC, 11 December 2014

I purchased my unit around 8 years ago and use it often. It is so small and convenient, I can use it all night or all day to work on sore muscles. It allows me to work 6 days a week, teaching Karate and, at 62, I need all the help I can get.
Ken H, Berwick, VIC, 9 December 2014

I've had it for 13 years and I never travel without it.
Brian G, Moorabbin, VIC, 5 December 2014

Your SportsMed does what you promise AND your service is the best I have ever had when buying online. Thank you
Valerie G, Watsonia North, VIC, 7 December 2012

Just purchased the SportsMed unit and its fantastic. Don't be put off by its size, cos the unit is so small but its so powerful. I recommend this product to anybody with back pain.
John Giannakoulias, 19 January 2012

I find the TENS SportsMed really helps with my back pain. I also broke my femur 3 years ago, and get pain in the leg sometimes; that is when the TENS comes into its own. Thank you for a great product that really helps to alleviate the pain.
Helen Harris, 28 April 2011

I am ninety years of age and play pennant lawn/artificial bowls. Last season I won the club handicap singles. My back problem dates back to the 1950's. The only medical treatment offered was to take [omitted] which I never touch. Now the only relief for me is the SportsMed.
Hugh Bower, 2 February 2011

> ActivNatal

Very, very helpful. I couldn't have gotten through early labour at home without the ActivNatal
Liviana B, Fitzroy North, VIC, 17 May 2016

On December 1st we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world after a very speedy labour. We never made it to hospital and my husband safely delivered our baby girl on our bed! It was such a surreal experience and I am so thankful that I had an ActivLife Tens Machine providing pain relief from powerful contractions. The ability to adjust levels on the machine helped to keep me calm and feel in control. I don't quite know how I would have got through without the Tens Machine. Thank you so much.
Rebecca Stewart, April 2016

Thank you - the TENS machine was fantastic.
Debbie B, December 2015

This is a fantastic product - easy to use and a very effective form of pain relief in labour. Small and portable.
Sara, Moonee Ponds, VIC, 6 April 2015

I used ActivNatal during the labour of my second child. I found it easy to use and not cumbersome like some older model TENS machines can be. It was very effective in reducing the intensity of my contractions. I liked the way I could choose the intensity of the pulses and how I could turn up the intensity as my contractions got more powerful. I found the instructions easy to follow and would highly recommend this product.
Rachel, Fitzroy North, VIC, 11 February 2015

At first I used your TENS unit for sports injuries (knees and back) and it has been a lifesaver, specially when I hurt my knees during my first pregnancy. I recently used it during birth #2 and I found it useful before epidural. It takes your attention away from the pain.
Judith, Maribyrnong, VIC, 15 December 2014

I found ActivNatal to help me through the first stage of labour up to transition. The product was great and I would use it again. I do have a couple of suggestions to improve it further though:
  •    A lanyard to hold it
  •    [Kristi, we have now introduced a lanyard!…ActivLife]
  •    Flashing lights are annoying
  •    [We take your point but the lights serve a purpose to indicate that the unit is working and to show which mode is selected…ActivLife]
  • Kristi, Woodend, VIC, 10 December 2014

    After hearing about the TENS system at my hypno-birthing classes, I hired a unit for the birth of my son. As my labour did not progress once my waters had broken, I had to be induced. The onset of labour pain was therefore very quick and the intensity of the pain was very strong from the start. The ActivNatal TENS system (coupled with deep breathing exercises and mediation music) worked fantastically for me for managing 6 hours of intense contractions. I highly recommend this product and would not hesitate to use it again.
    Natalie W, 3 June 2014

    I'd heard mixed feedback about TENS machines provided by hospitals and I wasn't planning on using one until a friend recommended I try ActivNatal when I gave birth, three months ago to my daughter. I was amazed to see how small and compact it was; it fits into the palm of your hand! I'd heard that the machines in hospitals are quite bulky and the midwives who saw me using this one were commenting on how good it looked. It's also really easy to use...one quick practice was all I needed (though it's a good idea to keep the instructions handy). I was so glad I purchased the ActivNatal and can honestly say I don't know how I would have got through the labour without it. I used it for 10 hours before having an epidural and it really took the edge off the physical and mental pain of the contractions. It was brilliant! I now recommend it to all my pregnant friends and have used it for back pain since having our baby girl. Another bonus is that I received a 50% rebate from my health insurer which made it really inexpensive. All in all, this is a fantastic product. Thanks.
    Emma, Southbank, 36 years old, 23 April 2014

    > InControl
    Since using the InControl unit I am able to laugh, sneeze, lift my grandchildren or the groceries and work out at the gym - without losing any urine at all!! I am so thankful for you and your product. I am comfortable going anywhere and doing anything. Before using the InControl unit I was literally afraid to sit on a friend's couch and watch a funny movie, I worried constantly about sneezing, lifting anything, coughing or laughing. I now do anything I want without worry. I no longer lose any urine by accident. It has also helped with the constant urge to got to the restroom. I am no longer stopping at every bathroom we pass. I am much more aware of when I actually have to go. The urine stream is much stronger. The InControl unit is pain free and best of all, it works!! no side effects!! no worries!! I would highly recommend the InControl to anyone who is experiencing uncontrolled urine loss.
    Angela, California, USA, 6 June, 2015

    I love this product; reasonably non-invasive, gentle, easy to use and effective. Can feel the difference in my muscle control after use. I have recommended the product to my girlfriend. Very happy.
    Maree, Cheltenham, VIC, 15 April 2015

    I found the ActivLife InControl TENS very easy to use, comfortable and effective. I can feel that it has altered my muscle tone and helped my pelvic floor area. Very happy with the product. When I purchased the product I was able to ask many questions and was given great answers..very helpful.
    Maree, Cheltenham, VIC, 16 December 2014

    The InControl for Men unit has been an absolute godsend to me. Having had my prostate removed about three months ago my urinary incontinence is almost non-existent, thanks to this tiny unit and the close friend who gave it to me. I found the [anal] insertable electrode more beneficial to me than the stick-on pads. Thanks to ActivLife my life is leakage-free. The service I received was very professional, and delivery very speedy. I highly recommend to all interested persons who are thinking of giving it a try.
    Lynn, Edmonton, QLD, 17 December 2014

    > EllaEase
    I recently purchased the EllaEase for my endometriosis and adenomyosis pain.
    I just wanted to let you know that the EllaEase has made a tremendous difference to my life in that I have been able to get on with my day with the EllaEase discreetly attached and connected.
    I have had some breakthrough pain, however it has been much more manageable with EllaEase.
    I highly recommend the EllaEase - it has minimized my need for regular
    [omitted] pain relief and improved my quality of life in being able to function rather than being in bed and in agony, enduring the side effects of strong painkillers.
    Kellie, Doreen, VIC, 6 June 2015

    > ActivLife Service
    Excellent customer service. I found Jarrod to be very helpful and supportive.
    Leianna O, Essendon, VIC, 3 JUly 2015

    I would just like to say a big thank you for getting my new TENS unit to me so quickly. And thank you for the pouch you sent to carry it in - so much easier than the box. THANK YOU AGAIN.
    Heather, Sheffield, TAS, 19 May 2015

    The staff are fantastic and very caring. They don't try to push things onto us, but they give great advice.
    Vera K, Rosanna, VIC, 24 March 2015

    The staff were very friendly and helpful at both pick up, drop off [hire product] and over the phone and they even made sure the battery was charged before giving it to me and gave me a call when it was due back in. Customer service that goes beyond - not often seen these days.
    Rachel, Fitzroy North, VIC, 11 February 2015

    The customer service and delivery of orders is second to none.
    Nadine, Kilsyth, VIC, 23 December 2014

    Your customer service is second to none. For many years I was treated extremely kindly by Jim Lamers. Can remember his voice. After his death I wondered what would happen to the company. I should not have. It has not skipped a beat. For that I am extremely grateful.
    Judy, Warranwood, VIC, 15 December 2014

    I have found your customer service of a high professional standard. I have no hesitation in recommending the ActivBody product and the company behind it.
    Suzanne, Armadale, VIC, 15 December 2014

    All too often staff in shops can't assist you or refer you to someone else. Everytime at ActivLife, the first person you talk to has all the info you need - and more.
    Shane M., Greenvale, VIC, 8 December 2014

    I have always found the customer service staff extremely helpful and friendly. The service is prompt and I've never had cause for concern. I also thank them for the advice re private health insurance. As a result my TENS barely cost me a thing!
    Amanda H, Kilsyth, VIC, 8 December 2014

    Just a quick email to thank you so very much for your help and guidance leading up to & purchasing my first TENS "SPORTSMED". Robyn truly helped me. When you live with chronic pain it makes you become very emotionally ‘down & out’. With Robyn's help I have got a new positive outlook. Thank you again, with kind regards
    Catherine Lindberg, 8 May 2013